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Hale County Public Records Resources

Hale County was named after Confederate Col. Stephen Fowler Hale and was created on January 30, 1867. Located in the west-central section of the state, its county seat was established in Greensboro and as of the year 2000, this county’s total population was 17,185.

According to several crime statistics surveys, violent crimes such as murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault were observed to be dominating other criminal activity. Nearly 50 sex offenders were arrested in the county. Larceny theft arrests are also threatening to overshadow other kinds of theft arrests around the county.

To search for more available information about a particular person living in Hale County, an online public records database is always available to help you research in the quickest way with just a click. You can also visit the Hale County courthouse and sheriff’s office if you prefer to go and research personally. See below for more information.

County Courthouse Info:

Hale County Courthouse:
1001 Main St.
Greensboro, AL 36744-1510
Telephone: (334) 624-8740

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Hale County Sheriffs Office:
1001 Main St
Greensboro, Alabama 36744
Telephone: (334) 624-3081
For more details, visit: