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Hale County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Getting your hands on jail and prison records for just about anybody throughout the state of Alabama can be a challenge – if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, there are a series of online resources that will make finding jail records and prison records for persons in both Hale County and all of Alabama.

The best place to begin your search, especially if you are looking for a person that you believe was arrested in Hale County, is at the Hale County Sheriff’s Office in Greensboro, Alabama. Their homepage is located at, and provides a great deal of information about how they handle crimes in Hale County, as well as providing contact information. To contact the Hale County Sheriff’s Office by telephone, simply dial (334) 624-3081. Alternatively, you can visit the office in person at 1001 Main Street, Suite 18, in Greensboro, Alabama.

If contacting the office by phone or in person does not work, then the next best step is to visit the official website of the Alabama Department of Corrections. There, you will find the Inmate Search Tool, also located at, which provides an online listing of all persons currently incarcerated in Alabama. While this will not provide a detailed record of jail served or crimes committed, it can be useful to determine if someone you know has recently been arrested or is currently in jail.

The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center is also an excellent place to get information concerning crimes in Alabama. While not great for finding out information about specific inmates, it is wonderful if you are looking for county-wide information. A crime in Alabama overview can be found here: 2009