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Hale County, Alabama – Court Records

In Alabama, court records are classified based on a need-to-know basis. What this means is that it may be difficult for you to procure certain types of court records unless you can either demonstrate a clear need to access them, or if they are already considered to be public information. In order to find out, you will need to contact the courts. Generally speaking, the results from most criminal trials are public information, as are divorce proceedings, but many court cases involving the personal data of individuals may only be accessed by lawyers, those directly effected in the case, and by specific officials.

We recommend starting your search with the Hale County Probate Judge. Often, the sorts of court records that are easily made available are this type. They can be reached by telephone at (334)624-8740, or in person at 1001 Main St #9, in Greensboro, AL. Alternatively, you can try contacting the Hale County District Attorney directly, whom can provide information concerning many types of court records. This office may be reached by telephone at (334)624-4863, or visited in person at 1001 Main St #51, and is also in Greensboro.

A resource that is often incredibly useful for accessing court records is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Their website is located at However, you may wish to contact them by telephone at (800)236-4029, or by email at [email protected]. This contact information is directly for the Reference Desk at the library, and they will have access to a large majority of the court records throughout the state.