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Hale County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you’ve spent time trying to get ahold of official, state records for many of the counties in Alabama, then you’ve probably learned that it can be tremendously difficult depending on what type of record that you’re hunting. This is for many reasons: it may be a series of local privacy laws, it could be that those records are outdated, and it is often the case that the county records in question simply don’t exist online.

However, if you’re looking for records concerning birth certificates & death records, then this is not the case: under Alabama state law, if you meet a specific type of relation to the person indicated by the certificate, then you automatically can get birth certificates and death records. Generally, you need to be directly blood kin of theirs. A listing of specific requirements for getting birth records can be found at, and a list of requirements for death records can be found at You should note that these requirements expire 125 years after the original birth date of the person named on the certificate, or when 25 years have elapsed since the death of the person spoken for by the certificate. A copy of each record can be had at the above link.

You should also be aware that the first copy of any Vital Record, which both birth records and death certificates are, will cost fifteen dollars, with each copy after that costing $6.00.

The homepage for the Hale County branch of the Alabama Department of Public Health can be located at, and that office can be reached by telephone at (334) 624-3018.