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Tallapoosa County Public Records Resources

Tallapoosa County, which got its name from the Tallapoosa River, was created on December 18, 1832. The county is situated in the east-central part of Alabama and its county seat has been established in Dadeville. The county’s total population as of the year 2000 was 41,475.

Like many other counties, Tallapoosa County’s crime rates were undeniably alarming. According to a particular survey done in the U.S., property crimes such as arson, larceny theft and burglaries have been observed to be growing quite rapidly. Worse yet, several sex offenders were also found residing there.

If you require further information on Tallapoosa County residents searching public records online will provide results in just a few clicks. If you prefer to do it the other way, however, you can also visit the Tallapoosa County courthouse or even the sheriff’s office personally. Those locations can be found below.

County Courthouse Info:

Tallapoosa County Courthouse:
125 N. Broadnax St., Rm. 126
Dadeville, AL 36853-1395
Telephone: (256) 825-4266

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Tallapoosa County Sheriffs Office:
316 Industrial Park Dr
Dadeville, Alabama 36853
Telephone: (256) 825-4264
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