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Henry County Public Records Resources

Henry County was named after Revolutionary War patriot Patrick Henry and was established on December 13, 1819. The county was located in the southeastern corner of Alabama with its county seat in Abbeville and, as of the year 2000, the county’s total population was 16,310.

Although this county takes pride in its beauty, affluent economy and legacy, it has some problems with the major ones being alcoholism and drug addiction. The menace is rapidly increasing across the county along with numerous arrests of sex offenders and other assault.

If you are seeking more information about a particular person residing in Henry County then an online public records search will help you get all you need within a matter of seconds; yet if you prefer to research in a different way then you can simply pay a visit to the Henry County courthouse or even sheriff’s office personally. Below are their respective addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Henry County Courthouse:
Probate Office
101 W. Court Square, Suite A
Abbeville, AL 36310-2135
Telephone: (334) 585-3257

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Henry County Sheriffs Office:
101 W Court Sq Suite G
Abbeville, Alabama 36310
Telephone: (334) 585-3131

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