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Henry County, Alabama – Court Records

Hunting for criminal records anywhere in the country can be problematic, and it sometimes seems as though this is never more true than it is for Alabama. However, simply because the websites for various Alabama officials, including Henry County officials, do not directly list all of the records that you may be looking for does not mean that they are unavailable – just that you will need other avenues of approach to access them.

The best place to begin a hunt for legal records and court records in Henry County, Alabama is by directly contacting the various courts themselves.

To contact the Henry County District Court, call (334)585-5712, or visit the office in person at 101 Court Sq #H, Abbeville. Even if you are not sure what court will have the records that you’re looking for, the district court will be able to direct you in the proper direction. The municipal clerk of court can be reached by telephone at (334)585-2753, or by visiting #J at the same address as the District Court. Finally, the Probate Court can be reached by telephone at (334)585-3257, or by visiting their website at

Should none of these options appeal or work for you, then you would be best served by contacting the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk. This library houses all of the legal decisions throughout the state of Alabama, and the reference librarians there can help you in your research and help you get access to the information that you need. Their website is located at, and they can be contacted by email at [email protected].