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Henry County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Are you curious if the person you met recently has ever been married? Are you worried that they might be lying to you if they actually are married right now, or even if their divorce has actually gone through? Well, provided you are willing to pay a small fee to the Alabama Department of Public Health, then you can find out this information at any time and for any reason.

That is because in Alabama, these types of Vital Records are considered to be public knowledge. Possibly even better if you’re looking for this information is the fact that a single institution handles all of these records, and exists solely to help facilitate your accessing of this information.

To find out if someone you know has ever been married, or to access any of their marriage records or certificates, simply visit this link and follow the directions as indicated. If you are rather looking for the divorce records of an individual, then visit the corresponding link at

You should be aware that the first copy of any such record, whether it is one for marriage, divorce, birth or death will cost $15.00, and each copy after the first one will cost $6.00. For more information about Vital Records, you can visit the main web page of the ADPH at

Because the ADPH does not have a physical office in Henry County, and nor does it have a website for Henry County, you must handle all of your transactions with them through the Internete.