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Marengo County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

If you have ever spent time hunting down official records for just about anything in the state of Alabama, then you have doubtless figured out that this is a challenging and difficult process. A myriad of different websites and logins are required to access even the most rudimentary information, and even more legislative prohibitions make it difficult for even workable websites to provide enough information. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Thankfully, if the records you are trying to access are what are known as Vital Records – which are marriage records, divorce records, death records and life records – then you are in luck. While these are not necessarily all freely available to the public at any time, they are all maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health and thus, at least, easy to find.
If you’re looking for marriage and divorce records for Marengo County, then you are even more in luck – because these records actually are freely accessible to anyone and at any time. No matter what your reason for wanting to know whether or not someone has been married anywhere in the state of Alabama, or even whether or not they have been divorced, you can do so through the ADPH – provided you pay a small fee. This means that conducting historical research or even just snooping around is a mere $15 away.
To see the forms necessary form marital records, visit this link: The forms you will need to fill out for divorce records can be found here: