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Covington County Court Record

Hunting down court records for any area in the country can be difficult, and Alabama is no exception. However, the key to finding accurate court records for any area is knowing where to look for them, and having a good place to start. Because most sates do not provide an online database of court records due to privacy reasons, you must instead contact the courts themselves to access these records. However, there are some private groups on the Internet that are able to access these records for a small fee.

Broadly speaking, you should start your search for court records in Covington County with the Covington County Circuit Clerk. Currently, Roger Powell serves in this position, and his office can be contacted at (334)428-2520. The street address for this court is the Covington County Courthouse, Court Square, Andalusia, AL 36420.

Alternatively, you can try the District Court of Covington County, which is currently presided over by Frank L. McGuire III. The contact number for this court is (334)428-2570, and the street address is the same as that of the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Another option is to get into contact with the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk by visiting their website at This library not only maintains a full database of court proceedings in Alabama, but also features a staffed Reference Desk, whose personnel of which should be able to greatly aid you in your search. They can also be contacted by email at [email protected].