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Pickens County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Are you interested in looking up prison and jail records for Pickens County, Alabama? Perhaps you are concerned that the stories that certain family members of yours have told you is not true, and you would like to verify them – where were they last weekend? How come they were absent from your life for so many years?
Perhaps, instead, you are merely looking to conduct some research about Pickens County, Alabama, and require access to jail and prison records from a certain time period for your work.
Regardless of why you are trying to hunt down jail and prison records in Pickens County, the most important things that you will need in your search is a great starting point – and that is exactly what this article seeks to provide.
As with most records dealing with arrests and prison records, whether for people currently imprisoned or not, you are best off beginning with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department. Their offices, located at 188 Cemetery Street in Carrollton, AL, are also reachable via telephone at (205)367-2000. Please be aware, however, that they may not be able to give you all of the details which you require.
If you find that this is the case, you should consult with the Alabama Department of Corrections. They provide an excellent search tool, located at, which can inform you of all of the persons currently imprisoned in the state of Alabama. The ADOC also provides a great deal of statistics which can be used for gleaning other information about the Alabama justice system, and you can find their data sets at