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Geneva County Birth and Death Records

If you have ever spent time trying to hunt down official records for just about anything in the state of Alabama, then you have probably discovered that this can be a surprisingly difficult process. This is partially because of existing privacy laws, which limit the type of information that can be made publicly accessible, but also because many counties in Alabama do not have a sufficient online presence with which to facilitate hosting records online.

While this can be particularly problematic for getting ahold of prison records and arrest warrants in Geneva County, Alabama, this is not the case for accessing birth certificates or death records. Why? Two reasons. The first is that, unlike other types of records, only one group maintains birth records and death certificates the Alabama Department of Public Health. The second reason is that, provided you meet certain requirements, you may freely access birth records and death records at any time.

Broadly speaking, accessing these records requires only that you are the person named on the certificate, or that you can prove that you are directly related to them. Getting ahold of a death certificate is slightly easier than getting ahold of a copy of a birth record. The specific requirements, as well as forms, for accessing birth records can be found here, and the death record requirements can be found here

You should note that these requirements expire 125 years after the birth of a person named on the birth certificate, and 25 years after the death of the person named on their death certificate.

Finally, getting a copy of either of these records will cost $15.00, with each additional copy requiring a payment of $6.00.