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Montgomery County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

As one of the most populous and active counties in the state of Alabama, Montgomery County also is fortunate enough to have a highly developed Internet presence. If you’re hunting jail and/or prison records for Montgomery County, Alabama, then this internet presence will benefit you tremendously.
This is because many of the records you are looking for will be easily available online. By visiting the Montgomery County Jail’s primary webpage at – which is part of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office webpage – you can directly search inmate and warrant records for the county. This search tool can be located at, and is a powerful tool able to retrieve all kinds of data regarding jail and prison records.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office website, located at, also plays host to a page that details the most wanted persons within Montgomery County. This page can be found at, and details the name of the suspect, an image of them, as well as what crime they are wanted for.
If you think the person you are searching for was arrested and you still cannot find them, then take some time and explore the utility of the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which was designed to search for prisoners throughout the state of Alabama. This tool can be accessed at The Alabama DOC also provides a full suite of statistics online, which can be used to discover just about anything about prisoners in Alabama that you could care to know. This page is located at