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Montgomery County, Alabama – Court Records

Just as searching for arrest records and warrants, as well as jail and prison records, looking up court records in Montgomery County, Alabama is a surprisingly easy process given the difficulty presented by so many other counties. Although some types of court records will still require you to visit the correct court in person and present that you have a right to access that information, much of it is easily found through forms on the internet. In this piece, we will show you how you can find these forms and the contact information for the courts.
The best place to begin is with the Montgomery County, Alabama Probate Judge’s Office website, which is located at However, the page that deals with probate court forms, for both lawyers and citizens, can be located at The Probate Judge’s Office also provides a list of all of the documents that they record, and you can access this list at
Because this office only deals with specific types of court documents, you may instead need to utilize the records of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama. This court also has its own homepage, which can be accessed at
It is entirely possible that neither of these courts will be able to provide you with the types of records that you require. If, for example, your requested documents are more than thirty years old, you may be much better served by the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Their website is located at, and you can contact them either at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.