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Barbour County Marriage & Divorce Records

In the state of Alabama, the type of records that are known as Vital Records are split into two types: those that may be accessed by any member of the public for any reason, and those records that may only be accessed by certain privileged individuals. The two types of vital records that are available, by law, to anyone in Alabama whom pays a small fee, are marriage and divorce records.

By utilizing the proper channels, the marital status, as well as full divorce records (including court decisions relating to the divorce proceedings), can be found by any citizen of Alabama, including those in Barbour County. It is important to note however that because the Alabama Department of Public Health, whom handles all of the vital records of Alabama, must charge a fee for these records, they are not published online.

To obtain a copy of marriage records, first visit the corresponding ADPH website at Here, you can find the form necessary to request marriage records, as well as set up payment options.

To obtain a copy of divorce records, visit the corresponding ADPH website, which is located at

Both marriage records and divorce records cost $15.00 for the first copy, and each subsequent copy is $6.00. The ADPH has access to marriage records dating as far back as 1936, and divorce certificates dating back as far as 1950.

Any records other than those that the ADPH can provide may be available through the Barbour County Court. The clerk for this court should be contacted for all inquiries of this nature, and they may be contacted by telephone at (334)775-8366.