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Barbour County Birth & Death Records

The best resource for obtaining any vital records in the state of Alabama is the Alabama Department of Public Health, and their website is located at From this website, requests can be made for all types of vital records, including both birth certificates and death certificates.

The state of Alabama splits vital records into two distinct categories: those that are freely accessible by the public for any reason, and those records which only certain people may access. Marriage and divorce records, for example, are freely accessible at any time by any citizen of Alabama.

Alternatively, the ADPH places very specific restrictions on the obtaining of birth records and death records for privacy reasons. The specific requirements for obtaining a birth certificate for someone born in Barbour County (or anywhere in Alabama) may be found at These restrictions generally require the person requesting the vital records to have a very close relation to the person named on the certificate, such as by being their parent, spouse, or sibling. This link can also be used to order a vital record.

Similarly, the ADPH allows only certain people to access the death records of those individuals that were born or that died in Barbour County. As with birth certificates, accessing these records generally require that you be closely related to the deceased, although the requirements are not as strict as those with birth records. The full list of requirements, as well as an order form, can be found at

Requesting both death and birth records requires a fee, paid to the ADPH, of $15.00 for each copy, and $6.00 for subsequent copies.

It is also important to note that the requirements for accessing birth records are lifted 125 years after the original date of birth, and the requirements are lifted for accessing death records 25 years after their death.