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Barbour County Inmate Records Search

When searching for prison inmates of the Barbour County Jail, it is generally best to begin by contacting the county jail directly. This is because, like several of the counties in Alabama, Barbour County doesn’t provide an online listing of currently-incarcerated jail inmate search.

The physical location of the Barbour County Jail is 24 Robertson Airport Road, in Clayton, AL 36016. Providing beds for up to 98 prisoners, the telephone number of the jail is (334)775-3434.

An alternative to contacting the Barbour County Jail itself is to contact the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office, whom will be able to provide more details about jail inmates than the actual jail may be able to. The current sheriff of Barbour County is LeRoy Upshaw, and he can be contacted via telephone by dialing (334)775-1128.

Another option for searching for prisoners serving time in detention centers in Barbour County, Alabama is by utilizing some of the tools provided by the ADC. Their website is found by visiting, and provides a host of different utilities that can aid in the facilitation of finding inmate records. Their Inmate Search Tool, found at, will be of particular value if you know the first name, last name, and the AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial) of the prisoner that you are looking for.

In addition to providing a set of statistics which span many years (which should be accessed at, the ADC also provides a listing of escapes prisoners at, which includes a listing of death row jail inmates at