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Calhoun County Court Records Search

Are you looking for a wide variety of different court records that apply to Calhoun County, Alabama? Although Calhoun County, like many other counties in Alabama, does not provide an online database of court records, court decisions, or even a listing of court cases, there are still a number of other resources potentially available to you.

The best place to begin a Calhoun County court records search would be at the Calhoun County’s official homepage, which is located at Here, a wide variety of official offices are represented, and you may be able to locate the specific document you are looking for by contacting the correct office.

The Calhoun County Administration Office is an excellent place to begin – and if you are not sure what type of record you are looking for, then the Administration Office can point you in the right direction.

Calhoun County Administration Office:

1702 Noble Street
Suite 103
Anniston, AL 36201
[email protected]

Another excellent place to begin is at the Calhoun County Probate Court Office. Probate courts are a type of court which deal primarily in civil or economic issues, and often, their records can be the easiest to obtain and tend to be the most applicable for many people.

Calhoun County Probate Court Office:

Honorable Alice K. Martin
1702 Noble Street
Suite 102
Anniston, AL 36201
[email protected]

Finally, if neither of these offices in Calhoun County help you with your court records search, then you should either visit or contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library, which holds many of the court records and court dockets form Alabama’s history. Their website is located at

Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Reference Desk: (800)236-4069
[email protected]