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Monroe County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

While some counties in Alabama provide an online database of arrest records and warrants, enabling citizens to easily know whom is in prison and who the police might be looking for, Monroe County is not one of these counties. In fact, Monroe County’s Sheriff’s Office does not even have a website.
But that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to access the arrest records and warrants that you are searching for – just that you will need to use alternate means to do so.
The most direct way to find out if there is an arrest warrant out for a specific individual will be to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office directly by calling (251)575-2963, or by visiting this office in person at 65 N Alabama Ave #136 in Monroeville. You should be aware, however, that many sheriff’s offices will not release arrest warrant information over the phone, and instead require persons interested to present themselves to the sheriff with their identification.
If you believe there is an arrest warrant out in your name, then you should contact a defense attorney before proceeding – although often surrendering yourself to the authorities is the best course of action.
If you are looking for arrest records for Monroe County, then the best solution will be to use the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool. This tool will allow you to see every person that is currently in jail in Alabama, including for Monroe County. This tool is located at