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Butler County Marriage & Divorce Records

Under Alabama state law, records that are referred to as Vital Records, which include records of marriage, divorce, life and death, are split in two divergent categories. Unlike birth and death records, which are heavily restricted in terms of whom can access them, marriage and divorce records are freely available to the public at any time.

This means that the marital status, as well as the full divorce proceedings, of any couple married or divorced in Alabama, including in Butler County, can be accessed and read.

All Vital Records are controlled and distributed by the Alabama Department of Public Health. The official website for the Butler County Department of Public Health is

To get a copy of a marriage license or marriage record without having to personally visit the Butler County Department of Public Health, then visit this link: Here, you can set up an order for a marriage certificate, and print out the necessary forms.

Alternatively, to request a copy of a divorce record or a divorce certificate, then visit this link: The same services are provided here as they are for marriage information.

You should note that in the state of Alabama, all Vital Records cost $15.00 to order for the first copy, and each additional copy costs $6.00. The ADPHmaintains marriage records reaching to 1936, and divorce records dating as far back as 1950.