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Colbert County Birth and Death Records

Despite the difficulty of obtaining many official records in Colbert County due to a lack of easily-found resources, obtaining any type of Vital Record in Colbert County is surprisingly easy. All that you need to do is contact the Alabama Department of Public Health. This organization handles all Vital Records for the state of Alabama.

However, you should be aware that birth certificates, birth records, death certificates and death records are not public information. Because of potential privacy and legal concerns, these records can only be obtained by the person named on the record, or by persons that have a blood relationship with that person.

Full details on the requirements for birth certificates can be found here:

All of the requirements for death records can be found here:

In addition to having to demonstrate a relationship with the person whom is named on the certificate, you will also have to pay the Alabama Department of Public Health a $15.00 fee for the first copy of any such record, and $6.00 for each additional copy of the record.

You should also note that after 125 years since the birth date of a person, their birth certificate becomes a matter of public record, and can be accessed by anyone whether they have a relationship with that person or not. This also applies to death records, although the time elapsed since the death of the individual is only 25 years.

Finally, the physical address of the Colbert County Branch Office is 1000 Jackson Highway, and it is located in Sheffield. They can be contacted by telephone at (256)383-1231.