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Colbert County Arrest Records and Warrants Search

Because Colbert County, like many other counties in Alabama, does not provide an online database of arrest records and active warrants, finding information quickly on such topic can be challenging. Generally speaking, you will have to contact the appropriate departments personally to determine warrant statuses and find arrest records.

Despite not being able to find such information immediately and easily online, knowing what offices to call and visit can save you large amounts of time and energy. Because arrest warrants and finding out if someone has been arrested can have such a tremendous impact on your life, it is of critical importance to know about these things as quickly as possible.

The first institution to contact if you have questions about warrants or individuals currently imprisoned is the Colbert County Sheriff’s Office, which is currently lead by Ronnie May. You can contact the Sheriff’s Office by telephone at (256)383-0741, and the street address of the office is 201 N. Main St., in Tuscumbia. You should be aware that if you are worried that you have a warrant out in your name, you will be arrested if this turns out to be true and you visit the Sheriff’s Office. However, because courts are generally more lenient on offenders that turn themselves in, this can be the best option.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Circuit Criminal Court, whom also has access to arrest records and active warrants. They may be contacted by telephone at (256)386-8514.

Another option that is particularly useful if you are searching for persons currently imprisoned in Alabama is the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which can locate any inmate within Alabama. This tool is located at