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Colbert County Court Records

Hunting down specific court records can be challenging if you do not know where to look or whom to contact. Unfortunately, just using a search engine is highly unlikely to yield good results, and is more likely to refer you to private websites instead of official court records registries. Perhaps more unfortunate is the fact that, like most counties in Alabama, Colbert County does not keep an active list of all of its court records online that can be searched at any given time.

The best place to begin if the court records you are in search of are of a civil nature is with the Colbert County Probate Judge Office. You can reach this office by telephone at (256)386-8542. If they do not have the records you are seeking on file, they should be able to point you in the direction to find them.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for criminal court records, or just about any non-civil type of court record, then you will want to contact the Circuit Court Clerk. This office should be contacted by telephone, and their number is (256)386-8514.

Should neither of these resources provide you with the court records you’re looking for, then there are a few other options. After exhausting local options, you can contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library Reference Desk, whom have staff dedicated to help you and other persons in Alabama conduct legal research. Their website is, and they can be contacted with a telephone at (800)236-4069.

If you are looking for broad criminal and court statistics, then you should visit the homepage of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center at Here you can locate a wide variety of statistics, like 2009 arrests by county ( or all of the crimes in Alabama during 2009 (