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Bibb County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

When searching for jail and prison inmates that you believe may be incarcerated in Bibb County, Alabama, the best place to begin your search is the Centreville City Jail. Located at 183 Southwest Davidson Drive, Brent, AL, 35034, it can also be contacted by telephone at (205)926-9581.

Like many other counties in the state of Alabama, Bibb County does not provide an online listing of recent bookings or prison inmates, so an inmate search will have to go further than scanning an online database. Because the Centreville City Jail is relatively small, simply calling the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department may be the best solution for locating inmates in Bibb County. The physical address of the Sheriff’s Department is the same as the Centreville City Jail, and their phone number is (205) 926-4683.

However, if you know the name or the identifying number of the individual whom you are looking for, then you should attempt to use the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which provides a database of every individual incarcerated in Alabama. It can be located at

As with many other counties in Alabama, Bibb County does not make these records easily accessible to the public, and all information gained through the Inmate Search Tool may be incomplete.

Two additional websites, both from the ADC, which may be of use to you is this listing of all of the prisoners currently serving time on death row, and is located at The second website provides a list of all individuals whom have escaped prison across the state, and that listing can be found here: