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Bibb County Birth & Death Records

For Alabama, both birth and death records are considered to be a specific type of Vital Record. Vital Records also include marriage and divorce records. Certain kinds of Vital Records, like marriage and divorce records, are considered to be public information, and a copy of these certificates may be obtained by anyone at any time.

Birth and death certificates, as well as birth records and death records, may only be accessed by certain individuals. Generally speaking, you must be related in a significant way to the person named on either the birth or the death certificate.

The best source for finding these types of records in Bibb County, Alabama is the Alabama Department of Public Health, whose website is located at

If you are searching for birth records, then you should be aware that you must prove to be a very close relation to the person named in the certificate, or 125 years must have passed since their DOB. The full requirements, as well as a link to request a birth certificate, can be found here:

For death records, the ADPH does not place quite as strict of requirements on individuals to obtain a death record, although you still must prove a certain level of relation. The full requirements of these records can be found at

You should also be aware that the 1st requested copy of either a birth certificate, death certificate, or a birth or death record search will cost $15.00, payable to the ADPH. Each further copy of this record will cost $6.00.