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Bibb County Court Records

Similar to many of the counties and jurisdictions in Alabama, Bibb County doesn’t give an online database of recent court decisions, court dockets, or court proceedings. Due to this, if you’re looking for a recent court or legal decision, then you’ll need to directly contact the appropriate court directly.

The best place to begin, particularly for records that are generally publicly available, would be the Bibb County Probate Court. Located at 181 S.W. Davidson Drive, in Centreville, AL 35042, the court can be contacted by telephone at (205)926-3104.

The Bibb County Misdemeanor Court is located at 35 Court Sq E, Centreville, AL 35042-2278, and can be contacted by telephone at (205)926-3107.

Finally, the Bibb County District Judge’s Office, which collects a wide number of different type of legal proceedings, can be found at the same address as the Misdemeanor Court, and can be contacted by telephone at (205)926-3106.

Depending on the type of court documents that you’re looking for, then the website of the Alabama Department of Public Health may be able to provide you with the records that you are looking for. The ADPH website is located at The section of the website that will probably be of the most use is the ADPH Vital Records page, located at Here, a variety of different probate and other court matters can be examined, as well as records requested when an appropriate fee is paid.

Yet another option that the state provides for accessing Bibb County court records may be the Alabama SoS, whose website can be found at