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Bibb County Marriage & Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce records, in Alabama and in most other states, are officially known as a type of Vital Records. Vital Records in the state of Alabama are distinctly split into two categories: those which are always publicly accessible, and those that only certain people may access. Marriage certificates and divorce records are considered to be public records, and may be accessed by anyone at any time, provided that they pay the correct fee.

These records can be best obtained through the Alabama Department of Public Health. For accessing marriage records and the marital status of individuals, begin your search at Here you will find all of the required information for submitting a request for the marriage records or certificates of the named individuals. Obtaining a copy of these records will cost $15.00 for the first copy, and $6.00 for each additional copy. The ADPH maintains a database of all marriage records dating back as far as 1936.

Alternatively, if you are looking for the divorce records of persons inhabiting Bibb County, Alabama, then the corresponding section of the ADPH website is Here, you will find the required information to receive the divorce certificate of the named individuals. Like the requirements for a marriage license, you must provide a fee of fifteen dollars for the initial copy, and six dollars for each additional copy. The ADPH maintains a database of divorce records dating back to 1950.

If you are searching for records that date back further than 1936 for marriages or 1950 for divorces, then you should contact the Bibb County Probate Office, whom may maintain an earlier record. They can be reached over telephone at (205)926-3104.