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Marion County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

You could spend hours and hours searching for Vital Records for Marion County, Alabama – but you don’t have to. Thanks in pretty much full to the excellent services provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health, accessing these kinds of records – provided that you have the proper authorization – is a painless and easy process.
The requirements for these records generally require that you either be named on the birth certificate or birth record, or that you are directly related to the person that is. This is because you can apply for credit cards, loans, and even official government documents with these types of records, and it is therefore important to keep a close eye on them and limit whom can access them.
If you wish to see the full list of requirements in order to access birth certificates and birth records, then visit the correct ADPH web page at
The ADPH also handles all of the death certificates and death records for Marion County, and while there are a small set of limitations on access – for reasons similar to those of birth records – they are not as strict as for birth records. You can find these requirements at
All of the requirements lapse with age, thankfully, so you can access birth records of any person and for any reason 125 years after the birth of the person named, and twenty five years after the death of a person spoken of on a death record.
Finally, the 1st copy of a record will cost $15, and each one after that will run $6.