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Autauga County Birth & Death Records

When looking for birth certificates or death records in both Autauga County and the state of Alabama, then the best place to begin is the Alabama Department of Public Health, either through their website (located at, or in person/by mail at 201 Monroe Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

It is important to note, however, that the ADPH places certain restrictions on whom may search for birth certificates. While the full range of restrictions is listed on the ADPH Birth Certificates website at, these restrictions include things such as being the person named on the certificate, the mother, father, or legal guardian of the individual named on the certificate, or be the spouse of the person named on the birth certificate.

Similarly, the ADPH places restrictions on death certificates, although these are not as strenuous. These restrictions can be read in detail at, and include being the mother or father of the person named on the certificate, their son or daughter, or their spouse.

The Vital Records segment of the ADPH website provides links for requesting both types of records, and can be found at Please note that the restrictions outlined above are lifted after the 125 year has elapsed since the birth date for birth certificates, or 25 years since the date of death for a death certificate. Each of these records costs $15.00, and $6.00 for additional copies. Because the ADPH charges a fee for records, they are not listed online.

Finally, while the ADPH keeps records dating as far back as 1908, the Autauga County Department of Records & Recording, located at, should be consulted for all prior records.