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St. Clair County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Have you lost your driver’s license, or your state-issued and sanctioned identification card? If so, then you probably have found out one of the most important reasons to have a copy of your birth record on hand: it can double as identification. That is, it can function to identify yourself to the Secretary of State so that you’re able to get a new driving license or other type of ID. Without a birth certificate, it can be very difficult to get a new Id if you lose your old one.

Thankfully, it isn’t that difficult to get a new copy of your birth certificate – provided that you actually do have certain other kinds of identification. Due to the potential for fraud, only you and your family will ever be able to access your birth certificate. You can find a full list of all of the things you will need for a new copy of your birth record here:

Although death certificates are obviously not necessary to have during your lifetime, there are certain things that they are necessary for after the expiration of the person indicated – mostly, financial affairs. In a similar fashion to birth certificates, you can get your hands on a death certificate by following the instructions at

A final note: whether you are trying to get a birth certificate or a record of death, the first copy will run $15, and each copy after that $15.

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