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St. Clair County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Despite efforts from many governments across the country to establish more transparency in record keeping, it remains often very difficult to get access to lots of different records. Although this usually is only because you must go, in person, to the office that houses the proper records, sometimes it is due to local and state laws which prohibit people from accessing these records.

Thankfully, in Alabama, if you want marriage and divorce records for St. Clair County, you need to deal with only one institution: the Alabama Department of Public Health,

Among their other duties, the ADPH controls and maintains all of the vital records for the citizens of Alabama. Other kinds of vital records include birth certificates and death records. Although the other kinds of vital records are available only to persons named on the records or related to them, marital records and divorce certificates are under no such regulation – which means that you can access these records at any time you would like, no matter your relation to the person.

To begin, you should visit the website of the ADPH at Here you will find a variety of pieces of information that will be critical to your vital records search for St. Clair County. The most important information for marriage records can be found at, and at for divorce records.

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