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St. Clair County, Alabama – Court Records

As with many of the official branches of the government throughout Alabama, St. Clair County does not provide an online database of its court records. In order to access these records, you have two choices: either you can go through a third party to retrieve these records (note that these records will be gotten through unofficial routes and are not necessarily sanctioned by the state), or you can directly utilize official resources.
You can find the official website of the St. Clair County Circuit Clerk at Here, a variety of information is presented, although you will want to mostly utilize their communication information. You can visit the offices of this court at St. Clair County Courts, on 100 6th Avenue, Suite 400, in Ashville, AL. You can reach them by telephone at (205)594-2184.
You can also have a look at the St. Clair County Probate Office if your need for court records extends in that direction at You can also visit this office in person at PO Box 165 5th Avenue, in Ashville. Their number is (205)594-2120.
If you know what type of record you are looking for and you know what office you need to send the proper paperwork to, then you should head to the eForms section of the Alabama Courts website at These forms may not be of much use to you if you have no idea what you are looking for, but they can save you a great deal of time if you do.

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