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Escambia Arrest Records and Warrants

Are you concerned that the police may be looking for you and may have already issued a warrant for your arrest? Or are you worried that this is happening to a close friend or a family member? Knowing the status of an arrest warrant can mean the difference between a long prison term and a short prison term – because the judicial system generally looks favorably on those whom surrender themselves, knowing when to present yourself can be hugely beneficial.

However, you need to first learn if there is a warrant out for your arrest. Although some counties in Alabama provide an online database of all of the active warrants in that county, Escambia County does not. Instead, you, or someone you know, will have to personally contact the authorities to determine your arrest warrant status.

The only official source for this information at the current time is the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, and even then, they may be contacted only by phone or in person. The telephone number of this office is (251)867-0304, and the street address is 316 Court Street, Brewton AL 36426.

You should be aware that although it is often best to surrender yourself in the case of an arrest warrant, you should never do so without first consulting your defense attorney.

Alternatively, if you are looking for data concerning arrest records in Alabama, then you should visit the Crime in Alabama Overview page from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, which can be located at