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Escambia County Birth & Death Records

Birth certificates are necessary for a wide variety of official functions: obtaining a new state-issued identification card, applying for a driver’s license, and even verifying your identity for insurance and legal purposes. Because there are so many applications that require a birth record, it is important to know how to access your birth certificate, or even that of a family member should the need arise.

Thankfully, this is an easy process provided that you are related to the person indicated on the record, or are the person the record was made for. This is because all Vital Records, which also include death certificates and the marital status of individuals, are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health, meaning that all of the records for people born in Escambria County can be found here. Most official records are maintained by a variety of different institutions, making retrieval a confusing and often difficult process.

To access your birth certificate, or the death certificate of someone related to you, all that you are required to do is contact the ADPH and fill out the appropriate forms. To get started, visit this link ( for birth records, or this link ( for death records.

You should note that the initial copy of these records will require you to pay a $15.00 fee to the Alabama Department of Public Health, and each copy after that will cost $6.00.

Finally, if 125 years has elapsed since the date of birth indicated on a birth certificate, or 25 years after the death date on a death certificate, then these records become public property – meaning that anyone can access them.