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If you are about to enter into a new business contract with a new partner, embark on a side project with which you are legally unfamiliar with, or preparing to do anything with which you are not intimately familiar, it is best to know beforehand whether or not you will be running afoul of the law. In addition to knowing local laws and regulations, being aware of prior court decisions can mean the difference between a successful business and economic ruin.

Unfortunately, unless you are a lawyer, it can be difficult to access court records freely and at will from the Internet. Although there are a number of private businesses which can help you access these, getting ahold of court records in Escambria County, Alabama will generally require that you contact the courts in question and directly request the records through them.

The best place to begin this type of search is through the District Court of Escambria County. This is because the circuit courts will have dealt with the largest number of cases in the county. The telephone number for this court is (251)867-0252.

Alternatively, the Probate Court will have a recorder, and this type of court generally also maintains a large database of records that can be requested by persons living in Escambria County. The telephone number for this court is (251)867-0301.

Finally, if you are unsure where you should begin your court records search for Escambria County, then you should consider getting in contact with the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. The Reference Desk of this court has access to the vast majority of court records throughout the state. The homepage for this desk is, and they can be contacted by telephone at (800)236-4069.