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Lawrence County, Alabama – Court Records

Getting ahold of court records for Lawrence County, Alabama is a generally simple and straightforward affair, provided that you know where to look for them. Due to privacy concerns and fraud worries, many of these records are not directly available online, but they can be gotten by contacting the courts directly.

The best place to begin is the Lawrence County Probate Judge’s Office. Simply call them at (256)974-2439, or visit them in person at 14330 Court St # 102 in Moulton, to request a copy of a specific record.

Another court to try, particularly if you are looking for criminal court records in Lawrence County, Alabama, is the Lawrence County District Court. Their telephone number is (256)974-2450, and they can be found in person at the same address as the Probate Judge’s Office.

Unlike many other counties in Alabama, Lawrence County provides a website dedicates to archives for all types of different records throughout the state. This website can be found at Please note that this group primarily deals with records for things that happened before 1920, although they may have some recent documents as well.

Finally, the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library is an excellent resource when none of the options above worked for you. This library has access to almost all of the records of Alabama since its inception. Best of all, their reference desk is designed explicitly to help you with research. This desk can be reached by email at [email protected], or by telephone at (800)236-4069.