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Dale County Birth & Death Records

Hunting down a copy of just about any court record, arrest warrant status, or even incarceration status in Alabama can be tremendously difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. Although we seek to provide as much contact information as possible, this can still often be difficult.

However, accessing birth certificates or death records for Dale County, Alabama is surprisingly easy. This is because all birth records and birth certificates are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health, and to access any such record you need only to contact them.

Although there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to access birth records or death records, such as either being the person named on the certificate/record or having a significant level of blood/marital relation to the person named on the certificate, they are otherwise easily accessed. Please note, however, that the first copy of any such record will cost $15.00, and each copy after that will cost $6.00.

A full listing of details concerning accessing Dale County, Alabama birth records can be found at, and the death records version of this page is located at You can also visit the Dale County Department of Public Health Office in person, and it is located at 532 Robin Parker Road, Ozark, AL, and their phone number is (334)774-2333.

A final note is that all requirements for accessing birth or death records are lifted 125 years after the birth of the person indicated on a birth record, and 25 years after the death of the individual named on the death certificate.