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Dale County Court Records Search

Despite having an excellent county website (located at and sheriff’s department website (located at, Dale County, Alabama, like many other counties in Alabama, does not keep an active database of court records online.

Because of this, you will have to either contact the appropriate Alabama court system manually, or go through a private institution to retrieve Dale County court records. This article will provide contact information for those of you whom wish to contact the courts personally. Please note that there may be some requirements to access certain types of records, which you will be responsible for providing.

The best place to begin this type of search would be with the Records and Register of Deeds, whom maintains a low-level listing of court records. Located in the Dale County Probate Office at 100 East Court Square, Ozark, AL 36361, this office is reachable by dialing (334)774-2754.

Another type of court records, Vital Records, can also be accessed by contacting the appropriate office in Dale County. To request copies of Vital Records for this county, visit the Dale County Health Department’s office at 532 Robin Parker Road, Ozark, AL, or contact them by telephone at (334)774-2333.

For higher-level court decisions, you can contact the Ozark Municipal Court by calling (334)774-9311, or visiting them in person at 275 North Union Avenue, Ozark, AL.

If none of the above options have borne the fruit that you are pursuing, then you should contact the Alabama State Law and Supreme Court Library. The Reference Desk of this library provides a database of almost all court decisions across the state, and has a staff dedicated to helping you look up court documents. The desk can be contacted by telephone at (800)236-4069, or by email at [email protected].