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Dale County Arrest Records and Warrants

Like many other counties throughout Alabama, Dale County does not provide an active roster of persons whom have been imprisoned, records of those imprisoned, or even an list of active warrants in the county. However, alternative methods can be used to determine these aspects for individuals throughout Dale County, as well as a suite of other pieces of information regarding the legal status of persons in Dale County.

The best place to begin your search is at the Dale County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office website. Located at, this website provides a great deal of criminal justice information for Dale County. Some sections that may be valuable to you include the Missing Persons list (, the Most Wanted list ( which can also serve as a type of active warrant database, and the Unsolved Crimes section of their website (

Contacting the Dale County Sheriff’s Office directly will also allow you to determine if there is an active warrant in your name, or that of someone you are related to or friends with. This office can be contacted by phone at (334)774-2335, and visited in person at 100 Court Square, Ozark, AL 36360.

Another option, useful for finding out if someone you know has been imprisoned anywhere in Alabama, is the Alabama Department of Correction’s Inmate Search Tool. This tool can be accessed at

Finally, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center hosts a variety of statistics which can be used to learn about arrest records and warrants throughout the state. Their website is located at