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Dale County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Due to a variety of different privacy laws in Alabama, many counties do not make the jail and prison records of inmates available online for public usage. Dale County is one of these counties.

However, that does not mean that you will not be able to determine which prisoners are currently in jail and for what – just that Dale County itself does not provide this information.

To begin your search for jail and prison records in Dale County, your best bet would be to contact the Dale County Sheriff’s Office. This office can be reached by telephone at (334)774-2335, and the operator should be able to inform you if particular individuals are incarcerated in the Dale County Jail. This office may also be visited in person at 100 Court Square, Ozark, AL 36360.

Alternatively, you can contact the Dale County Jail directly, or visit it in person. This will produce the same result as contacting the Sheriff’s Office, although it may provide additional options. To call, dial (334)774-5402, and to visit, go to the same address as the Sheriff’s Office.

An additional option is to use the Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search Tool, which provides an online listing and database of all individuals whom are currently imprisoned in Alabama. This tool, located at, can be tremendously useful when determining if someone you know has been imprisoned anywhere in Alabama.

The official Dale County Alabama Sheriff’s Office website also contains a host of statistics which can be used for learning about jail and prison records in Alabama, too. The statistics page of this website can be found at, and includes links for missing children and adults.