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Blount County Marriage & Divorce Records

Under Alabama state law, Vital Records - which include birth records, death records, marriage records and divorce records - are split into two distinct categories based on whom may access them, and for what reason. Under this law, anyone, at any time, may access both marriage certificates and divorce records provided that they are willing to pay a small fee in advance.

Blount County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Because Blount County, Alabama, like many of the other counties in Alabama, does not provide an online listing of jail and prison inmates, different methods must be used to search for inmates and prisoners in Blount County.

The best place to begin your search will be the Blount County Correctional Facility, which is located at 225 Industrial Park Road, Oneonta, AL 35121-2814, and they can be contacted by telephone at (205)625-4133.

Blount County Court Records

Although some jurisdictions and counties in Alabama provide an online listing of all court records that may be browsed by anyone at any time, Blount County does not and instead requires individuals seeking records to inquire directly though their court system.

Blount County Birth & Death Records

In Alabama, a Vital Records search, which includes birth searches, death searches, divorce and marriage records, are split into two different categories based on whom can access those records, and for what reasons. While marriage and divorce records and certificates are freely available to anyone at any time, there are certain restrictions placed on both birth and death records.

Blount County Arrest Records & Warrants

There are few things that can impact the things an individual is capable of in society in quite the way that having a warrant out for your arrest can. Even the simple act of driving or applying for a new job can result in an arrest, because whenever a criminal background check is run, you may find yourself being arrested.

Blount County Public Records Resources

Blount County which was named after Gov. Willie G. Blount is located in the U.S state of Alabama and its seat is Oneonta. As of 2000, the county’s population was 51,024. The county is said to be a dry county. It was created by the Alabama Territorial Legislature on February 6, 1818.

Blount County is home to an abundance of outdoor activities, yet the said county is also a home for many crimes. Fraud and other assaults have a big part of the total number of crimes & arrests arrests in the county. More horrible than that is the fact that 102 offenders were found in there.