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Chambers Birth & Death Records

Are you attempting to search for the birth records or the death records of a particular individual in your family, or even those of a friend? Regardless of why you are looking for the vital records of a person, the best place to begin your birth certificate search is at the Alabama Department of Public Health website, which is located at

In Alabama, state law requires that Vital Records – those records which detail the birth, death, and marital status of a person – are split into categories based on whom can access them. Birth records have the strictest requirements, followed by death certificate requirements, and both marriage and divorce records are completely free for anyone to access at any time.

A complete listing of the requirements to access Chambers County birth records can be found at Generally, these requirements are that you have a significant level of relation to the person that is named on the certificate.

A complete listing of the requirements to access the records of death of those people of Chambers County can be found at, and these requirements are generally that you bear a high level of relation to the deceased.

You should also note that these requirements are lifted if the person mentioned on the birth record was born 125 years or more prior to the current date, or if the person named on the certificate of death died more than 25 years since the current date.

Further, the first copy of any such record will cost a mandatory fifteen dollar, with each additional copy costing six dollars.