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Chambers County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Are you trying to find out if a friend, a loved one, or even a potential employee is currently imprisoned? Are you trying to find information out regarding their prison records or their time served in jail? There are several different options available to you for an inmate records search for Chambers County, Alabama.

The best place to begin your search is by directly contacting the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office. Located at 610 South Gilmer Avenue, Lanett, AL, the Sheriff’s Office will have an active database of all of the prison records and inmate records of all individuals whom have been or are currently incarcerated in Chambers County. To contact them by telephone, call either the Chief Clerk at (334)864-4363, or the County Sheriff himself at (334)864-4340.

Alternatively, you can attempt to directly contact the Chambers County Detention Facility directly in your inmate search. They can be contacted via telephone at (334)864-4336, or contacted via email at [email protected]. The website for the Chambers County Detention Facility is

Although the website for the jail lists a variety of policies and features of the facility, it does not provide a roster of current inmates. Due to this, you will have to personally contact one of the above groups.

Finally, the Alabama Department of Corrections has an Inmate Search Tool, which will allow you or anyone that knows the first name, last name, and AIS number of the imprisoned individual. The tool is located at The ADC also provides a database of crime and imprisonment statistics for the state of Alabama, and that listing can be found here: