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Crenshaw County Birth and Death Records

When looking for many kinds of state records in Alabama, you may run into not merely difficulty but an impossibility. Because so few official offices throughout Alabama, Crenshaw County included, it is often impossible to access official records online.

Thankfully, accessing birth certificates and death records for Crenshaw County, Alabama is nowhere nearly as difficult as many other types of records. This is because all birth and death records, as well as other types of Vital Records, are maintained and archived by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Vital Records also include marriage and divorce records.

However, despite birth records and death certificates for Crenshaw County being easier to access than other kinds of official records does not mean that they are freely accessible to anyone. For better or worse, both birth records and death records have strict requirements governing whom can access them. A full list of these requirements for birth certificates can be gotten here:, and a full list of the details for accessing death records can be found here: Generally speaking, these records revolve around you being related, in some way, to the person whose name appears on the certificate.

The above links also provide detailed information for how you can request a copy of these certificates. You should be aware that the initial copy of any Vital Record requires a payment of $15.00, and additional copies costs $6.00. Further, the things necessary for accessing birth records expires one hundred twenty five years after the date of birth, and death records expire twenty five years since the date of death.