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Crenshaw County Marriage and Divorce Records

Despite the difficulty of accessing many types of official records in Alabama, marriage certificates and divorce records are surprisingly easy to access. This is for two reasons.

The first of these reasons is because the Alabama Department of Public Health maintains all types of Vital Records, and provides relatively easy access to all of them. The other types of Vital Records that it manages are birth certificates and death records.

The second reason is that, unlike birth and death records, each of which have strict access requirements, requesting information regarding the marital status of any person living in Alabama is permitted by anyone in the state. In other words, the marital status of any person in Alabama (including if they have ever been divorced) is considered public knowledge.

Vital Records are not, however, available online. This is because the ADPH requires that any such Vital Record provided by them requires a $15.00 fee for the first copy, and $6.00 for each additional copy.

To view a set of details pertaining to requesting another copy of the marriage certificates or the status of marriage of any individual in Crenshaw County, Alabama, then you should visit the corresponding ADPH page at

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