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Lauderdale County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Lauderdale County, Alabama is one of the easiest counties in the state of Alabama to find official information about online. The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office’s website, found at, provides clear directions and instructions for a wide variety of different things. The Lauderdale County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, whose website can be found at, hosts a huge variety of different resources, even including a court records request form which can be sent into their physical offices.

However, neither of these offer any of the information required to access the birth certificates and death records of persons living in Lauderdale County, Alabama. That’s because another organization, the Alabama Department of Public Health, already plays host to all of the Vital Records for the state – including birth & death records of Lauderdale County.

However, you need to understand that birth the ADPH requires that you are related with the person, or the actual person, named on the birth certificate or the death record to actually access it – this is to prevent identity theft and fraud. A complete listing of requirements for birth records can be found here, and a list for death records can be found here:

You should also make note of the fact the requesting a copy of any such record will cost you $15.00 for your first request, and every request after that for the same record will cost $6.00.

Finally, the limitations for accessing birth certificates for Lauderdale County, Alabama cease 125 years since the life initiation of the person named on a birth certificate, and when 25 years have elapsed after the death of the individual indicated on the death certificate.