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Lauderdale County, Alabama – Court Records

While many counties throughout both the United States and Alabama itself provide only the scantest of online resources for looking up court records, Lauderdale County makes it a little bit easier for the non-lawyer hunting for court records.

The best place to begin is at the Lauderdale County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office website, which can be found at Here you will find a wide variety of links that will be of service to you.

However, probably the most important link on this website for people that are looking for court records would be the Request Records page, which can be found at To request records for Lauderdale County, Alabama, simply fill out the form that is located here:, and then mail it to:

Missy Homan Hibbett, Circuit Clerk
Records Search
Family Court Division OR District Court Division OR Circuit Court Division (depending on the records you are looking for)
200 Court Street
Florence, Alabama 35620

Because all of the major courts in Lauderdale County, Alabama are located at the same physical address, you can use the same address above no matter which court you are looking for.

If the courts above cannot provide you with the information that you are seeking, then you should contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library, which houses almost all of the court records from throughout the state of Alabama. They can best be contacted by email at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.