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Cherokee County Divorce Records & Marriage Records

If you need to learn the status of marriage of a particular individual, or even of a couple, in the state of Alabama, then you are at an advantage: under Alabama state law, marriage records, divorce records, and the marital status of anyone living in the state is considered public information. Provided you fill out the correct paperwork, the state is required to provide you with this information.


Cherokee County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Cherokee County is one of the few counties in Alabama that provides an online database of all current prison inmates. If you are looking for someone and have reason to believe that they may have been arrested in Cherokee County, then you should visit the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Jail Roster web page. That roster is located at The Sheriff’s Office also keeps a record of those people whom have been released in the last 48 hours, and that roster can be found at

You should note that prison records and inmate records are not available from before this time unless you have access to the criminal records or a particular individual. This is because inmate records, jail terms, and former prisoner statuses are considered to be private and confidential. However, if you are an employer, and the individual has granted you permission, you may request a copy of their criminal background. This can be requested from

If your inmate search was not completed by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, then you may want to try a statewide prisoner search. The Alabama Department of Corrections maintains a searchable database of all prisoners in Alabama, and that tool can be accessed at

The ADC also provides a series of statistics and other pages that may be of interest in your search for prisoner records and inmate records, such as full sets of statistics at, or the list of inmates that are currently on death row, which can be located at

A final resource that may be of some interest is a complete overview of crime in Alabama. These statistical reports can be accessed at


Cherokee County Court Records Search

The Cherokee County court system, similar to the court systems found in much of Alabama, does not provide an online database of court records or criminal records. Generally, this is because of the privacy issues raised. However, many different court records are available provided you are willing to contact the courts themselves and request a copy of the records.


Cherokee County Birth & Death Records

Throughout the state of Alabama, birth records, death records, marriage record and divorce records are all known as Vital Records. Vital Records are organized into two different categories, based on whom is permitted to access them. Birth certificates and birth records have the most restrictions placed upon them, and death records, while also have restrictions, are fewer and easier to meet. Marriage and divorce records have no restrictions placed on them of any kind.


Cherokee County Arrest Records & Warrants

Similar to most of the counties found in the state of Alabama, Cherokee County does not provide an online listing of the active warrants in the area. Because of this, it is important to utilize other methods to discern either your arrest warrant status, or if there are any outstanding warrants for those people whom you spend a lot of time with.


Cherokee County Public Records Resources

Cherokee County Alabama was created on January 9, 1836, and was named for the Cherokee Indians. The county is located in the northeastern part of the state in the Appalachian Mountains. Centre was chosen to be its county seat and as of the year 2000, the county’s total population was 23,988.

County Courthouse Info:

Cherokee County Courthouse is located at:
100 Main St. Centre AL 35960-154
Telephone: (256) 927-3363

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Cherokee County Sheriff is located at:
110 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre AL 35960
Telephone: (256) 927-3365