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Clay County Marriage and Divorce Records

Unlike birth and death records, each of which have separate and strict requirements governing whom can access them, marriage certificate and divorce records are considered to be public knowledge in the state of Alabama. Because of this, any person can request information regarding the marital status of any individual at any time – no matter the purpose or their relationship to the person(s) named on the certificate.


Clay County Jail and Prison Records

Finding jail and prison records in Clay County, Alabama, whether for individuals or groups of people, can be an easy process if you know where to look. Although some types of records are not accessible without the consent of the person for whom you may be searching, many statistics and pieces of data are fit for public consumption.


Clay County Court Records Search

Although getting ahold of specific court records for specific counties – like Clay County, Alabama – can be challenging if you do not know where to start your search, it does not have to be. While you may need to contact a variety of different institutions, it can make a tremendous difference just to have a good idea of where to start your search, and where you should go from there.


Clay County Birth and Death Records

Having your birth certificate on hand is necessary for many different things: obtaining a driver’s license, taking out certain types of loans, verifying your health insurance information. However, because birth certificates can be used for so many things, they are often difficult to get ahold of. If you have lost your birth certificate, or are trying to locate a birth certificate or birth record for a friend or family member, you can — provided you meet certain requirements.


Clay County Arrest Records & Warrants

Do you have reason to suspect that someone you know or are close to has a warrant out for their arrest or may be currently incarcerated? Could their legal status have a direct impact on your life, or on the life of those around you? If you have a need to know if an individual is imprisoned in Clay County, then there are a number of steps that you can take to discover their location.

Because Clay County does not have an online record of all currently active arrest warrants and imprisoned inmates, you will have to directly contact the various facilities in Clay County.


Clay County Public Records Resources

Clay County was named after U.S Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky and was created on December 7, 1866. The county was located in the east-central part of Alabama with its county seat being Ashland. The county is known to be a dry county and its total population as of the year 2000 was 14,254.

County Courthouse Info:

Clay County Courthouse:
Judge of Probate
P.O. Box 187
Ashland, AL 36251
Telephone: (256) 354-2198

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Clay County Sheriff’s Dept:
Post Office Box 757
Ashland, AL 36251
Telephone: (256) 354-2176