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Coosa County Marriage and Divorce Records

If you have spent any time looking for legal records, jail records, or court records in Alabama, then you may have discovered that finding records in a timely manner can be extraordinarily difficult. This is partially due to privacy laws and regulations, but also because the organizations that manage these records are disparate, and many do not have an online presence. This is not the case for Vital Records in Alabama thankfully.


Coosa County Jail and Prison Records

Many of the counties in Alabama make it somewhat difficult for Internet users to get ahold of information regarding jail and prison records online. Although prison records for those persons no longer in jail are generally not publicly accessible for privacy reasons, individuals whom are currently in jail can almost always be found. Coosa County itself does not provide an online database of people currently in jail there, but there are other online resources for finding this out.


Coosa County Court Records

Searching for court records, no matter where you are in Alabama, can be challenging. This can be even more challenging for counties like Coosa County that do not have a dedicate webpage for their court system. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to access court records for Coosa County, but you will have to do a little bit of digging.


Coosa County Birth and Death Records

While it can be tremendously difficult to find many types of records in Alabama, whether online or off, records such as birth certificates and records of death are significantly easier to find. Birth records and death certificates, like marriage and divorce records, make up a type of record that is called a Vital Record.


Coosa County Arrest Records and Warrants

Information regarding arrest records and warrants for Coosa County, Alabama can be difficult to find if you aren’t sure where to look. Internet search engines will provide long lists of private search results that require you to pay, and Coosa County itself does not provide an online listing of current arrest warrants or arrest records.


Coosa County Public Records Resources

Coosa County lies in the east-central part of Alabama and was created on December 18, 1832. The county was named after the Coosa River and, according to the Alibama-Kossati Indian dialect, the word “Coosa” means “cane-brake”. As of the year 2000, the county’s total population was 12,202 and its county seat is Rockford.

County Courthouse Info:

Coosa County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 10
Rockford, AL 35136-0218
Telephone: (256) 377-4919